The SEMantics crossword

Here below I give a bit of history about the SEMantics crosswords.
I retired finally after April 2018 SEMantics so all I link to now here are some past puzzles to try.

The IPHSEM puzzles archive

You can try quite a number of past crossword puzzles, and there are more to be added to in due course when I have time, at the
IPH SEMantics crossword archive.

A bit of prize crossword history

In early 2000, the newsletter sometimes devoted a page to a crossword set by a member, Bryan Gabriel, and it was decided to offer a prize for a draw on solutions by readers sent to the editor.

In 2000, for some reason, the puzzles were numbered as multiples of 100 (in June 2000, Issue 116, it was puzzle 600, then July was 700 and so on) but from Issue 123, of January 2001, I decided as editor that the crosswords should have the same number as the SEMantics issue. When I passed on the main job of Regional Newsletter Editor, I continued as Crossword Editor, setting or obtaining from a setter a crossword, receiving the prize draw entries, and conducting the draw then sending out the prizes. Bryan Gabriel wrote to me in 2003 to say that he was going to retire and emigrate to the land of his birth, South Africa, and would not be able to set us any more crosswords. After that, several members set us a few crosswords, and Steve Plater began to supply me with half of each year’s puzzles.

So I taught myself to set cryptic crosswords of the right level of difficulty, and also wrote a page about
how to solve cryptic crossword puzzles
and I was still Crossword Editor in December 2016 when I took over again as SEMantics Editor, beginning with Issue 316 (February 2017) and concluding at Issue 330 (April 2018).

In that stint I produced the even numbered puzzles, that is: 316, 318, 320, 322, 324, 326, 328, 330.

Then I had to retire because of ill health.