South East England Mensa

Here I provide links to pages I made for Mensa in the region, in 2017.

On this page I originally just made available the page I made for British Mensa South East England region because of my work as editor of SEMantics (the series that began with the February 2017 issue 316).
That was:

Then I was asked, in July 2017, to take over as Regional Webmaster for a while. On 13 July 2017 I took over;
that is, I was passed control of the content of the site, then with URL
The pages I prepared for my initial revision of that site were then the actual website of the South East England region of Mensa.
This continued until after July 2018. I had to retire as editor of SEMantics and as Regional Webmaster when I had my illness diagnosed (see Health) and as I write this I cannot say how long will continue to lead to the site server that I set up then.
We also received feedback about a desirable change in the URL spelling, so we acquired
However during 2018 there was a call to save the region needing to maintain its own website at all; to illustrate what would happen if the region just referred members to the national site, (with hyphens) was set to redirect members to the regional area of for which you have to log in as a member to see anything.

That is how things stood in late July 2018.