IPH (2008-03-23)
This section — this whole website — isn’t here solely out of egotism. I’ve had a website for over two decades already (since 1996 or so) and it is here because people may like to know a bit more about me, if they are interested in my paintings, or my writings, or my music ... or even in me.

I am now (2017) long since retired, but in later years before this I was by occupation an artist, and I even sold a very small number of my paintings, although I did not put any great effort into marketing my art.

Before that, for decades until around 2004, I was an IT professional — until a slump meant I had effectively retired — and I made abstract paintings for a short while after the work tailed off drastically in 2002.

I lived alone for most of my life, although I was married for a while in the late 1990s.

I have a wide range of interests and hobbies, almost all of which are things one does on one’s own (well, I do anyway) although one or two of them need an audience (such as performing opera). A less immediately obvious example of that last point is the hobby of creating and maintaining this website: it has little purpose unless somebody out there is going to read it some day.

Another, more obvious one is the brief time around 1984 when I was involved with two amateur stage groups: in my village, Headley Theatre Club; and in the nearby town of Haslemere in Surrey, Opera Omnibus, which since 2001 has been called Opera South.

I continued to help Opera Omnibus with scenery occasionally in the later 1980s although I never rejoined the chorus or performed on stage any more times; and I became involved with Opera South in a different way in 2006 when I was asked to become their webmaster; I did that until 2010. Note that their current website has no similarity nowadays to what it looked like in the years when I was doing it.

With both of those, I went along to help backstage or to sing in the chorus, simply as a mildly interesting way to meet some people in the area to which I had moved — perhaps some unattached intelligent ladies who liked classical music, and so on — and in each group in turn I was asked instead to take a leading role in a production about to be performed — either just once or a few times (as is the way with local amateur stage companies); and, naturally, stage productions need to have an audience in the most usual traditional sense: a theatre full of spectators sitting and enjoying the performance.

So, here are some headings under which I have written a little bit about myself:

How to contact me

Should you want to get in touch with me, despite not knowing me and my coordinates already, the first step is to use
my Contact Page (which sends me an email, so of course you must give your email address to get a reply).

For those who do know me, the alternative is, of course, email. My Contact Page sends me an email, so you need to have an email address to start to correspond. I do not have a mobile phone, and do not use a tablet or any other forms of text messaging.
(My home is a bit of a Faraday cage. It was built during the Blitz in 1940 as a telephone exchange and used as such for 30 years.)
I am on Facebook and Twitter.