IPH interests

Here I list the categories of my interests.

My interests have always been important to me. Even when I lived abroad, I tended to develop hobbies where I lived rather than spending most of my out and about. During some periods abroad, this was impractical and as a result I found it difficult to use up all my free time, because doing things in my own place has always been what some people would call “an important part of who I am”.

I have never defined myself in terms of the job I did for a living. Rather, I have always considered myself as a person who happened to be doing a particular job at a particular time, even though for three decades the jobs I did were in information and communications technology. Part of my view of who I am has always been the things I did because I was interested in them, or because I enjoyed doing them when it was necessary. I have always tended to do practical things, such as work in my house or garden, myself rather than paying somebody else to do such work. The exception is my car — see my page Things I am not interested in.

Things I am interested in

Things I am not interested in

To see what these are and why I would have anything to say about them see my page Things I am not interested in.