IPH views on religion

IPH (2008-03-23)
This is about my views on religion and related beliefs.

After abandoning religion at age 18, I have maintained a position of scientific detachment about the big ontological and epistemological questions.

My position on theism is not all that far from that of Bertrand Russell with his celestial teapot, and my position about creationism and the notion called “intelligent design” is not far from that of Richard Dawkins in all his books, including the famous The Blind Watchmaker and his now even more famous 2006 book The God Delusion, although I disagree with some of the usages in the language of Dawkins, particularly on the verb “believe” when referring to the opinions and other thought processes of scientists (that is, empiricists): in my opinion, he would do much better to avoid the word unless referring to religious belief. However Professor Dawkins is a very brave man to place himself “out there” in the current world climate of aggressive religionism, as was the late, lamented Mr Christopher Hitchens, whose book God Is Not Great is also on my shelf. I have also read related titles by Daniel Dennett and others.

There is a whole discussion of the issue of belief in deities, and the lack of such belief, in my page The semantics of belief.