Ian P. Hudson's Art Gallery: Execution

I execute my paintings in best quality artists' paints. I use a variety of types of paint for partly historical and partly technical reasons. The ranges used include tradition oil paints based on linseed oil (which take weeks to dry fully); Winsor & Newton alkyd oil paints (which dry in 24 hours); Daler-Rowney acrylic paints; and occasionally other specialist paints. Sometimes, for a flat finish as an additional form of contrast, I use emulsion paints with strong colours.

My early paintings were generally on canvas. However, because I need to use a large compass, a version of the type used in school for geometry lessons, to produce the circles in the paintings of curves such as cardioids and nephroids, I decided not to attempt to use canvases because a compass point rips canvas to shreds unless one takes elaborate steps to prevent this. Therefore I paint nowadays on my own hand-crafted and finished painting boards, which have a smooth edging (using softwood with 18mm square cross-section) glued securely onto the back, so that each painting can be hung unframed (rather like a modern canvas — that is, the kind with no tacks or staples on the edges — which is also designed to be hung unframed if desired). These are consequently heavier than canvases, but very stable and robust.