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3rd June 2018

This is supposed to be to wish you a belated

As I said last year, I am sure that as usual
you had lots of family time on the day.
This year of course that was yesterday, Sunday,
and I am sure were too busy for other visitors.
In any case, I cannot offer to visit you this year:
as you know, I am now too weak to drive my car,
let alone (say) ride a bike.
I cannot walk further than the top of my road,
although in June last year I could
set out on foot and walk over Ludshott Common
to Liphook via Bramshott to visit Moyra, and then
(starting in Hewshott Lane) walk back home
via Waggoners Wells and the edge of the lawns at Grayshott Health Spa.
Now, I would probably collapse with exhaustion
or even asphyxiation, on the heath.
Love from Ian

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