IPH personal photo albums

Currently (since 5 December 2017) the photo albums may not work after I started using my new BT hub, which uses IPv6, until I have time to revise the routine which implements access to my Ubuntu server, where the photos are stored.
A few photos apparently showing me
Photos I took of Liz Hodgkinson, one with me
The garden at my home in Headley Down
Double glazing at my home in 2016
Putting a new roof on my home in 2017
Snow at Polymetis on 18th March 2018

Walks in my neighbourhood & area

Passfield 26 June 2017
Inval (Bunch Lane to Hindhead) 1 July 2017
Devil’s Punchbowl area July 2017
Woolmer Forest area August 2017


The balloon that landed on 6 October 2017

Celebrity photo albums

Randomly chosen, specially collected to avoid massive advert-laden click-bait pages
Bill Gates’s home in Medina, Washington
Leonardo Di Caprio’s house in Malibu