Google Maps Funny Pegmen

See also the Wikipedia introduction to the Pegman and also Wikipedia on Funny Pegmen.

The Pegman is the name given to the drag-and-drop icon which is “the primary user interface element used by Google to connect Maps to Street View. His name comes from his resemblance to a clothes peg.”

(Some of us thought it was more of a gingerbread man, but never mind.)

Normally the bottom right hand corner looks like this:

Map: Satellite:Pegman

However, if the location central to the map area is close enough to various special places, and the scale is large enough (200m = 100 pixels), the bottom right hand corner changes. Here we look at a few examples, other than that of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, used at royal palaces, for which see Royal Pegman.

At Loch Ness the Pegman becomes a reptile
At Area 51 the Pegman becomes a flying saucer

None of the other transformations listed at Wikipedia on Funny Pegmen appeared to happen when tested on 30 August 2018.