Virtual Travel: withdrawn


In mid-2020 it became apparent that Google maps had changed the syntax of the 3D view descriptions that give the views suggested. These were supposed to generate a view that looked as though we were looking out from the imaginary hot air balloon basket in which we are supposed to imagine we are flying just above the famous places on my location menus.
The result is that none of these views work as they did in 2019 — all we are shown is a 2D view straight downwards, from high up.

The changing Pegman

The Pegman — the Google maps drag-and-drop street view icon — may change appearance when you visit certain places.
See Wikipedia on the changing Pegman and my page of examples: Google Maps Funny Pegmen.
Seen at Windsor Castle on 19th May 2018:
Royal Pegman — the Pegman is a miniature of the Queen!