Virtual Travel: Catalonia

See the Introduction for an explanation of what is available and why, and a key to the markings in the list here.
Also read it if you are not familiar with how to fly virtually over the Earth on Google maps.

ΠBarcelona: World Trade Centre on Wharf 18 with lighthouse & cruise liner from the south
ΠBarcelona: Wharf 18 with lighthouse & cruise liner from the north
ΠBarcelona: La Rambla green strip through the city
Barcelona: La Rambla outside the police station by the street to Plaça Reial
Œ Barcelona: Plaça Reial
Barcelona: Plaça Reial
ΠBarcelona: Museu Picasso a cramped block on two narrow alleys
Barcelona: Museu Picasso entrance (yes)
Barcelona: Museu Picasso inside (courtyard)
Barcelona: Museu Picasso inside (shop)
Œ Barcelona: Castell de Montjuïc hilltop fortress & museum
Œ Barcelona: Plaça de Catalunya
Œ Barcelona: Plaça de Catalunya looking south down La Rambla
ΠBarcelona: the mountainside cemetery zoomed in on arrays of graves/memorials
Œ Barcelona: the mountainside cemetery with Castell de Montjuïc beyond
ΠGirona: Buildings on the banks of the Onyar river
ΠGirona: greenery on a bend in the Onyar
Œ Girona: Pavelló Municipal with lawns down to the Onyar
ΠGirona: cathedral with the widest Gothic nave in the world
ΠGirona: cathedral from the north-east
Girona: cathedral interior
ΠGirona: Basilica de Sant Feliu between the cathedral and the Pont de Sant F across the Onyar
ΠGirona: Sant Pere de Galligants Benedictine monastery, home to the Archaeological Museum
Girona: Sant Pere de Galligants from street to the east