Virtual Travel: Curiosities

See the Introduction for an explanation of what is available and why, and a key to the markings in the list here.
Also read it if you are not familiar with how to fly virtually over the Earth on Google maps.

The video which suggested these curious spots round the world

Π70,000 empty coke bottles
ΠA shape like a great pyramid in Antarctica
ΠA large boat in a Hong Kong shopping centre
ΠA footprint maze in Wiltshire (near Hampshire, too)
ΠGulliver park in Valencia
ΠHated neighbour
ΠAtacama desert cat/The Tarapacá Giant
ΠBelgrade: Aircraft museum (200)
ΠNiger salt factory 50 families artwork
ΠN.Cyprus: Turkish flag on Kyrenia mountainside
From the road
Royse City, Dallas Texas Futuro house (Matti Suuronen) alien spaceship"
Royse City on Wikipedia
ΠShape separating Antarctica from S.America
ΠGold Coast Waving man pontoon at bathing lagoon