Virtual Travel: USA

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New York

ΠNew York: Statue of Liberty
ΠNew York: South Manhattan
ΠNew York: the Empire State Building
ΠNew York: Manhattan looking south from Central Park
ΠManhattan: 15 Central Park West where on 11 October 2017 the news saidSting and his wife Trudie Styler sold their penthouse duplex taking up the 16th and 17th floors, and overlooking Central Park, for $50 million
Œ Manhattan: American Museum of Natural History facing Central Park West, and amusingly the setting of the comedy fantasy Ben Stiller movie Night at the Museum
Manhattan: American Museum of Natural History from the street outside
Œ Manhattan: West St north from Stuyvesant High School where a terrorist used a truck to kill people on 31 October 2017. He left at least 8 people killed and 11 seriously hurt (attack was shortly after 15:00 local time).
ΠManhattan: West St stretch, and Stuyvesant High School seen from the north
Manhattan: West St waterside cycle path where terrorist’s truck hit cyclists
Manhattan: West St/Chambers St spot where terrorist’s truck hit school bus by Stuyvesant High School.
Mural on the side of City-As-School High School in the West Village 388 Hudson Street story on
ΠNew York: Brooklyn Army Terminal Warehouse B from south east; see Wikipedia
ΠNew York: Brooklyn Army Terminal Warehouse A from north west, so from New York Bay
ΠNiagara Horseshoe falls


ΠTercentenary Theatre at Harvard University in Cambridge


Œ Wheatland, house just outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania famously home of James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States, who in 1861 told his successor Abraham Lincoln, as he led him to the podium where Lincoln would be inaugurated as the next US president: “My dear sir, if you are as happy in entering the White House as I shall feel on returning to Wheatland, you are a happy man indeed.”
Buchanan was leaving Washington with his reputation in tatters with the Civil War about to start, and was looking forward to a peaceful retirement. Yet it was anything but; such was the animosity directed towards him in public, he could no longer drink in his favourite local taverns. He spent much of his post-presidency holed up at Wheatland.
Outside, the nation tore itself apart in a bloody conflict that became known as “Buchanan’s War”. The intervening years have not been any kinder. Buchanan consistently ranks bottom in lists of “best presidents”.
ΠLancaster, Pennsylvania: The County Courthouse
ΠLancaster, Pennsylvania: The Barshinger Center which is a concert Hall


ΠSan Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge
ΠThe Hollywood Sign landmark and American cultural icon located in Los Angeles, California
ΠHollywood Universal Studios: The Simpsons Ride
ΠHollywood Universal Studios: Universal Plaza in a sad state, it seems
ΠHollywood Universal Studios: Waterworld
ΠHollywood Universal Studios: Harry Potter etc.


A large Simpsons mural in downtown Springfield


ΠRailway bridge near DuPont where a train crashed onto highway I-5 on 18 Dec 2017 BBC News
ΠSeattle: Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge amusing short arch girder bit near the western end, on I-90
Seattle: LVMM Bridge Driving eastwards into that arched bit of it LVMM Bridge on Wikipedia
George Bush Center for Intelligence, McLean, VA turnoff sign


ΠSanibel Island: bungalows near Island Woods
Œ Coral Castle — see Wikipedia


Sutherland Springs: First Baptist Church in a small town in Wilson County, scene of the shooting on 5th November 2017 in which at least 26 people, aged from five to 72, were killed, and 20 others were wounded, the worst such in the history of Texas


ΠManhattan: State University campus yes: not New York City centre, but a city west of Kansas City a quarter of the way across that state in the middle of America, with a regional airport and a county courthouse


ΠLas Vegas: the Mandalay Bay Hotel where a gunman firing from the 32nd floor killed 58 people and injured 546 at an open air concert next door on 1st October 2017
ΠLas Vegas: the sphinx in front of the glass pyramid shaped Luxor next door (north side) to the Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas: the Mandalay Bay from north-east across Las Vegas Boulevard
ΠLas Vegas: Keep Memory Alive Event Center,
ΠNye County: area with saucer-shaped craters resulting from more than 1,000 underground nuclear tests performed by the Pentagon during the Cold War Time article 1 February 2018


Hawaii: Waikoloa Village Oasis Lifestyle Village Buddha Point
Hawaii: same Buddha Point from the garden path

Various states

ΠMichigan Central Train Depot When built, it was the tallest railway station in the world.
ΠMount Rushmore, South Dakota from the ground: view 1 view 2
ΠGarden of the Gods park: Garden Drive, Colorado Springs, Balanced Rock
ΠHoover Dam
ΠCapitol Reef National Park is an American national park located in south-central Utah
Œ Garden of the Gods in Colorado — Wikipedia
Colorado National Monument
ΠColorado National Monument
Cold Shivers Point Overlook
Igloo City, near Cantwell, Alaska
Œ Painted Hills in Oregon — Wikipedia
Œ Yellowstone National Park: Mount Sheridan in Wyoming — in Wikipedia: Mount Sheridan ... Yellowstone
Lake Huron: Turnip Rock in Michigan — Wikipedia
Œ Glen Canyon Dam in northern Arizona — Wikipedia
ΠColorado River Horseshoe Bend
ΠZion Canyon in Utah
Zion Canyon: on the rocks above the abyss

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