Virtual Travel: The rest of the world

See the Introduction for an explanation of what is available and why, and a key to the markings in the list here.
Also read it if you are not familiar with how to fly virtually over the Earth on Google maps.

Russia page about British Embassy Moscow
Moscow: Red Square clock tower


Giza: The Sphinx
Giza: The Great Pyramid


Zambezi Source Forest: The source of the Zambezi river More photos

South Africa (RSA)

ΠCape Town: the city from the sea towards thr mountains
ΠCape Town: from Woodstock south to Table Mountain


ΠMontreal: centre of the city from the waterfront


Pyramid at Chichen Itza Had the people who built this really never been to Egypt?


ΠGuatemala: Fuego volcano quiet before it erupted on 4th June 2018


ΠRio de Janeiro: huge Cristo Redentor statue
ΠRio de Janeiro: Mountain with Cristo Redentor on top
ΠRio de Janeiro: Ipanema beach suburb

Colombia Venezuela,-72.4506159,3a,75y,104.39h,81.79t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swxoFzJqFdu9IOjeRR_oc_w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656


ΠCusco: The hill at Saqsaywaman ancient capital of the Inca empire
Cusco: A wall at Saqsaywaman
ΠMoray: Inca era concentric crop terraces
ΠAguas Calientes Village in the mountains nearest Machu Picchu
Aguas Calientes: Market stall selling string bags, souvenirs
Aguas Calientes: street with tramlines more string bags, souvenirs
Aguas Calientes: Avenida Hermanos Ayar main street showing mountains, shops
Aguas Calientes: the MACHU PICCHU PUEBLO sign opposite the Panorama B&B hotel
Aguas Calientes: at the Casa Paz hostel near Tree House restaurant ... its roof — would you want to go there?
Aguas Calientes: Gringo Bill’s Hotel Restaurant and Bar entry
Aguas Calientes: Centro Cultural Machu Picchu
Aguas Calientes: statue of the Inca emperor Pachacuti, who turned Cusco from a hamlet into an empire
ΠMachu Picchu, mountain view
W Pachacuti in Wikipedia
ΠMachu Picchu 15th-century Inca citadel on a mountain ridge W Wikipedia photo

Œ Moai (monolithic sculptures) [1]   

Indian Ocean

Neil Island rock bridge
(called a coral bridge but I am not convinced it is coral)


Œ Northern Territory: Uluru (Ayer’s Rock)
ΠWestern Australia: central Perth from Southwest
ΠWestern Australia: central Perth from North
Western Australia: Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse from North East Southeast Southwest ... and in Wikipedia
ΠSouth Australia: Victoria Square, Adelaide
ΠSouth Australia: Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal
ΠVictoria: Melbourne tower blocks
Œ Australian Capital Territory — Canberra: Parliament House
ΠNew South Wales: Sydney Harbour Bridge
ΠNew South Wales: Luna Park Sydney (in Wikipedia)
ΠNew South Wales: North Sydney
New South Wales: Pretty Beach
ΠNew South Wales: Newcastle waterfront
ΠNew South Wales: Nobbys Lighthouse, Newcastle
which has terrible imagery; compare this video or these stills: 1 2 3 4 5
New South Wales: views from its garden of Nobbys Lighthouse: 1 2
ΠQueensland: Brisbane tower blocks
ΠQueensland: Brisbane looking west
ΠQueensland: Inskip Point where a large section of beach has fallen suddenly into the ocean due to erosion ... (24 September 2018) BBC news story

New Zealand

ΠAuckland: city centre waterside, Quay Street
Œ Auckland: St Patrick’s Cathedral

Federated States of Micronesia

ΠNan Madol: ancient artificial islands off Temwen Island off Pohnpei

Remember: this list is random and arbitrary!