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Friends of Arford Common

Before: Scrub overgrowth

After: Woodland glade

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A management plan for Arford Common was produced in January 2011 by Alex Cruickshank of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife trust on behalf of Headley Parish Council and is available to you now, here: Read the Arford Common management plan.

The Parish Council would like to secure the future use of Arford Common as accessible woodland, through the recommendations contained within this management plan, and would like to know your views on these proposals. To contribute and comment, please complete the Arford Common Management Plan Consultation questionnaire.


The wildlife includes some rare and endangered animals such as the dormouse.

Our plan for the future includes the creation of a glade system. Our vision is of quiet pools of light within the woods, which will allow butterflies and insects to thrive, and provide the walker with vistas through the trees rather than too many close-up views of prickly scrub foliage.


No more working parties until further notice (autumn 2011).

Days are arranged each month in the autumn & winter.

Anyone who has an interest in the well-being of this beautiful area is welcome to join the volunteer working parties to maintain the woodland. Bring your own gardening gloves, and either loppers or pruning saw or bow saw if you have them. Meet in the clearing.

Working parties met on Sunday mornings at 10:00 in October and November 2010. The snow and freezing temperatures in late November and early December meant that no work day was arranged in December 2010.

Please watch this space for future dates or look out for the notices posted around the Common advertising them. We look forward to seeing you there.


At present the person to contact is Dave Skinner, designated the Warden of Arford Common, who has also taken over the responsibility for liaison with the Parish Council.

Dave Skinner, Arford Common Warden: 01428 712845
Linda Farley, Headley Parish Council Clerk 01428 713132 Email
Ian P. Hudson, who maintains these few “Friends of Arford Common” web pages Email

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