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Special spaces');

non-breaking space    
en space    
em space    
thin space    
zero width non-joiner ‌ ‌
zero width joiner ‍ ‍
left-to-right mark ‎ ‎
right-to-left mark ‏ ‏
soft hyphen ­ ­
non-breaking hyphen ‑
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  1. The purpose of this page is to make as quick and easy as possible the looking up of the name or hash (#number) code for a character. Therefore, given that most tables present characters in code numerical order, the numerical code is ignored in deciding the arrangement, and characters are grouped into categories and these are listed at top right with links to that category in the table.
  2. Each category is arranged as appears most convenient for it rather than making all categories rigidly consistent. Therefore Latin alphabet accented letters are arranged with uppercase of a letter above its lower case version in the same column, in alphabetical order (Ð being a D, ƒ an F and Þ a T).
  3. A few of the symbols in "Specialist mathematical" are repeated in "Common math/science" for convenience.
  4. To view this page with larger text sizes, hold Ctrl and press + on your numeric keypad. This can be done repeatedly for even larger text sizes. To make text smaller, hold Ctrl and press − on your numeric keypad.
  5. * ϒ (ϒ ) is new and may not render if coded &upish;.
    For invocation using in HTML the name &upish; this browser displays: &upish;