This section is introduced (19th March 2008) to post bits and bobs that are from the internet, not my own writings, not on any particular subject, but which I have found diverting so they might amuse others.

World affairs

National flags (by country, A..Z) simplification of the Wikipedia page using its images
National flags (identify by design & colours) Locate a flag and find which country it belongs to

Miscellaneous wisdom

Modern proverbs à propos de la condition humaine
Obiter dicta Observations on life adapted from the Maltesers website
Haikus Used by Sony Hawaii instead of ordinary error messages

Webmastery aids

HTML colours
By English name hotpink lemonchiffon and hex-RGB #FF3366 #FFFFCC
HTML Character Entities Lookup
HTML Character Entities Full Listing 😀     😁    😂    🤣    😃
HTML "keyboard" page Do you want to include Cyrillic, Greek, European or other characters in an HTML page or email message? Even if you use non-Unicode editing software, provided you have a recent browser you can put a great many commonly needed characters in your pages quickly and simply using this page to type texty then copying and pasting the result. Requires JavaScript enabled.

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