Music is very important to me.

Mind you, probably almost every one of the millions of people with a website or blog says that. However I’ve always been a bit of a fogey, and the music that means most to me is probably non-typical.

You can get some clues as to what music I like from the page about my recorded music collection.

However I have made a separate page about my musical influences, those composers whose music made me want to try composing music for myself.

I have also written down some reminiscences about my musical instruments — yes, as the photo is supposed to suggest, I still own, and occasionally even play, both a clarinet and a Spanish guitar; but that isn’t the half of the story ...

What music have I actually written? That is for my page on composition.

Also, a major area of musical interest for me has been musical theatre so there is plenty to read about that.

Finally there is my Introduction to piano playing for beginners 

Written 29th December 2006