Anagram indicators for cryptic crosswords

If you see any of these words in a crossword clue, you cannot be sure that it is there to serve as a hint that there is an anagram near it in the clue wording, but you should bear it in mind as a possibility while you puzzle over which bits of the clue are there for which purpose.

abnormal, about, absurd, adapt, adapted, addled, adjust, adjusted, adjustment, adrift, afresh, after a fashion, agitated, all over, alter, alteration, altered, altering, amiss, anew, another way, anyhow, around, arrange, arranged, arrangement, arranging, askew, assemble, assembled, assembling, assembly, assorted, assortment, astray, at odds, at sea, at sixes and sevens, awful, awfully, awkward, awkwardly, awry,

bad, badly, bananas, bastard, bats, battered, batty, beaten, beaten up, become, becomes, becoming, bend, bent, bizarre, blend, blended, boil, boiled, boiling, break, breaking, brew, brewed, brewing, broadcast, broken, build, building, built, by arrangement, by mistake, bad, badly, bananas, bastard, bats, battered, batty, beaten, beaten up, become, becomes, becoming, bend, bent, bizarre, blend, blended, boil, boiled, boiling, break, breaking, brew, brewed, brewing, broadcast, broken, build, building, built, by arrangement, by mistake,

can be, careless, carelessly, cast, cavort, cavorting, change, changed, changes, changing, chaos, chaotic, characters, chop, chopped, circulate, circulated, cocktail, complicate, complicated, components, compose, composed, composing, composition, compound, comprise, concealed, concealing, conceals, confuse, confused, confusing, constituents, construct, conversion, convert, converted, convertible, cook, cooked, correct, corrected, corrupt, corrupted, corruption, could be, crack, cracked, crackers, cracking, crazed, crazy, criminal, cuckoo, cunningly, curious, curiously,

damage, damaged, dance, dancing, dealt, deform, deformed, demolished, deploy, deployed, derived from, design, designed, develop, developed, deviation, devious, dicky, different, differently, disarray, disfigure, disfigured, disguise, disguised, dishevelled, dislocation, dismantled, disorder, disordered, disorderly, dispersed, disposed, disruption, disseminated, distressed, disturbance, disturbed, disturbing, diversified, dizzy, doctor, doctored, dodgy, dotty, dreadful, dreadfully, dressed, drunk, dud, duff,

eccentric, edit, edited, engendering, engineered, ensemble, entangle, entangled, erratic, erupting, essentials, excited, exotic, explode, exploded, exploding, extraordinary,

fabricate, fabricated, false, fanciful, fancy, fantastic, fashion, fashioned, fashioning, faulty, fermented, fiddle, fiddled, find, fluid, flurried, foolish, foolishly, Jfor a change, forced, forge, forged, form, fractured, fragmented, fragments, free, freely, fresh, freshly, frolicking, fudge, funny,

garbled, generating, gets,

haphazard, hash, havoc, haywire, hide, hiding, higgledy-piggledy,

ill, ill-disposed, ill-formed, ill-treated, improper, improperly, in a ferment, in a jumble, in a mess, in a whirl, incorrect, incorrectly, in disarray, in disguise, in error, ingredients, in ruins, interfered with, involve, involved, irregular, irregularity,

jittery, juggled, jumbled, jumping,

kind of, kinky, knotted,

lawless, letters, liquid, loose, loosely, lunatic,

mad, made, made up, madly, make-up, malformed, malfunction, maltreated, managed, mangled, manoeuvre, mash, massaged, maybe, may be, meandering, medley, mess, messy, minced, mishandle, misplaced, misshapen, mistake, mistaken, misuse, mix, mixed, mixture, mobile, modelled, modified, moving, muddle, muddled, mutilated, mutinous,

naughty, new, newly, not in order, not properly, not right, not straight, novel, nuts, nutty,

odd, off, order, ordered, orderly, organise, organised, original, originally, otherwise, out, out of joint, out of sorts,

peculiar, perhaps, perverse, perversely, pervert, perverted, phoney, pie, pitching, plastic, playing, poor, poorly, possible, possibly, potential, potentially, prepare, prepared, problem, processing, produce, production, pseudo, put out, put right, put straight,

queer, queerly, questionable, quirky,

ragged, rambling, random, randomly, recollected, rectified, reeling, reels, reform, reformed, regulated, repair, repaired, replaced, resort, reveal, revealed, review, reviewed, revolting, revolutionary, rigged, riot, rioting, riotous, rock, rocking, rocky, rotten, rough, roughly, round, ruin, ruined, ruinous, rum, run, running, runs, rupture, ruptured,

sad, sadly, scatter, scattered, set off, set out, shake, shaken, shaking, shaky, shambles, shift, shifted, shifting, shot, silly, sloppy, smash, smashed, smashing, snarled, somehow, spill, spilled, spin, spinning, spoil, spoilt, spread, spun, stagger, staggered, staggering, stew, strange, strangely, stray, substitute, substituted, surprising, surprisingly, suspect, swimming, swirl, swirling, switch, switched,

tangled, tattered, tidied, tipsy, tortuous, train, trained, training, transform, transformed, transformer, translate, translated, treat, treated, treatment, tricky, trim, trouble, troubled, tumbling, turn, turned, turning, turns, twist, twisted, twister,

undone, unnatural, unrestrained, unruly, unsettle, unsettled, unsteady, untidy, unusual, unusually, upheaval, upset, used,

vague, vaguely, variation, varied, variety, version, volatile,

wander, wandering, warp, warped, wayward, weave, weaving, weird, wild, wilder, wildly, worked, working, worried, wound, woven, wrecked, writhing, wrong, wrongly