Cryptic crossword clue examples

Some clues analysed with answers derived from puzzles by Bryan Gabriel, published 2000.
Some clues have extra words in addition to the plain clue and the bare minimum for the rest such as the actual anagram phrase and anagram indicator, or the actual defininitions of parts to assemble. These serve two purposes; to “smooth” the surface reading of the clue, as a phrase or sentence; and possibly to suggest a little more how one reading emerges from the other.

Double definitions

Clue: “Stock speed trial (4)”
First definition: “Stock” as in ancestry, lineage, breed, &c.
Second definition: “speed trial” as in a motor race or horse race.
Possible confusion designed to misdirect: “stock” as in “stock car racing” might send the solver on the wrong trail related to motor cars.
Answer: RACE

Clue: “Frost poem (4)” (this clue from the puzzle by Steve Plater that was SEMantics no. 258 April 2012)
First definition: “Frost” as in surface ice on grass, foliage, window glass in winter, also called rime (though Wikipedia makes subtle distinctions)
Second definition: “poem” as in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge
Possible confusion designed to misdirect: “Frost” could refer to the American poet Robert Frost
Answer: RIME


Clue: “Allowance? Spend it, perhaps. (7)”
Anagram indicator: “perhaps”
Plain clue: “Allowance” (meaning amount of money to live on, etc.)
Anagram: “Spend it”

Clue: “Unyeilding? Possibly a client is. (9)”
Anagram indicator: “Possibly”
Plain clue: “Unyeilding”
Anagram: “a client is”

Embedded answers

Clue: “During term one yearns to get ready (5)”
Embedding indicator: “During”
Plain clue: “ready” = ready money (= cash)
Container: “terM ONE Yearns”
Extra words: “to get” (connects “yearns” with “ready (money)”)
Answer: MONEY

Clue: “Decree given by drunken actuary (5)”
Embedding indicator: “given by”
Plain clue: “Decree” (verb) = pronounce and promulgate a law
Container: “drunkEN ACTuary”
Answer: ENACT

Assembly from parts

Clue: “At home, obtained pig (5)”
Plain clue: pig (as in “pig iron”) relating to the casting of molten metal
Parts: IN = “At home” + GOT = “obtained”
Answer: INGOT

Clue: “Confuse and get angry in the middle of a drink (8)”
Plain clue: “Confuse”
Parts: WILD = “angry” in the middle of BEER = “a drink”

Clue: “Dash to disparage a revolutionary (7)”
Plain clue: “Dash” which, followed by “to” misleadingly suggests (surface reading) a verb like “hurry”, “go fast” but here must be taken to mean pizzazz, flair, impressive style and elegance etc.
Parts: “disparage” = PAN (criticize harshly); “a” = A; “revolutionary” = CHE (Geuvara)