Other puzzles

Puzzles, which can perhaps also be described as riddles, occur to me occasionally, usually in the form of the sort of question associated with BBC Radio 4's Round Britain Quiz, to which I sent one or two questions many years ago. The following, however, have not been published anywhere else before.

  1. Who (in literature) links the following, and how?
    • Felix
    • Tom Riddle
    • Foot and mouth disease
    • Jeeves
  2. Who links the following?
    • red crabs in the forest
    • a 10 Downing Street cat
    • justice
    • Zen Buddhism
    — and, of course, how?
  3. What links
    • cream of tartar
    • the number 336
    • dried cow dung
    • vociferous dispute
    • novelist Julien Gracq
    • American jazz musician Yusef Lateef
    • the Crozon peninsular
    — and (as always) how?