The extra tricky IPH crossword puzzles

These puzzles are a bit more difficult than the puzzles for SEMantics (the South East England region Mensa newsletter). In many of them, not all of the clues are cryptic.

That is, some clues may be cryptic, as discussed here; but some are simply based on knowledge, yet this will not be general knowledge! It may very well be quite obscure or specialist knowledge, such as about opera, or music generally; about science or technology; or indeed about anything else — and that can be quite ordinary, or quite obscure and “recherché”.

And there will often be no particularly clear way to tell which clues are cryptic and which are just factual in that special way; or indeed, which clues have a bit of both.

IPH0001 through IPH0006 appeared in the 1980s or 1990s in newsletters for members of Opera Omnibus (later Opera South). They have quite a few musical, indeed (chiefly) operatic, references. Also, some have a few answers that comprise several words and yet that are not actually well-known phrases, which makes them both non-standard in cruciverbal terms, and a bit harder to solve. I try not to do that any more, in puzzles that I set nowadays; still, you should be able to work out the answers from the clues with a bit of thought. 0001 is 11 × 11; 0002 to 0006 are 15 × 15.

 IPH0001  IPH0002  IPH0003  IPH0004  IPH0005  IPH0006

IPH0007 and IPH0008 date from summer 2005 and have never appeared elsewhere. They are a bit trickier than the usual standard used in SEMantics, so I decided to put them here as occasional extras for crossword addicts among my fellow Mensans and others, and not to use them for SEMantics. IPH0009 and upwards were written for my own amusement and to please fans of very difficult crossword puzzles. IPH0007, IPH0008, IPH0010, IPH0012, and IPH0013 are 13 × 13. IPH0009, IPH0011, and IPH0014 are 15 × 15.

 IPH0007  IPH0008  IPH0009  IPH0010  IPH0011  IPH0012  
 IPH0013  IPH0014