My involvement with Opera Omnibus

The distinctive style of these pages about Opera Omnibus preserves the look which I gave to the pages of the first website which I made for Opera Omnibus in 1997. Subsequently a new design was adopted after the company name change (see below).

Opera Omnibus was founded in the early summer of 1984 after the retirement of the hard-working volunteers who had run Opera Camerata in Haslemere for some years. For full information about the history of the company (which rebranded and relaunched itself for the new millennium as Opera South), about its past and future productions, and about opportunities to participate yourself, go to the Opera South website.

As for myself, I was very heavily involved in the production of that first autumn, 1984; as the chorus rehearsals could only get going after the summer holiday, it was only possible to undertake one act involving chorus, so the company presented two separate items each of one act, of which only one required a chorus.

After doing so much in 1984, I withdrew from Opera Omnibus because of my career work until May 1988, when my help was sought at the last minute for the May 1988 opera, La Sonnambula, so that I made a piece of scenery containing a vital special effect.

Later that year (in November 1988) I took a brief silent walk-on bit-part, but then I withdrew from involvement with the company until 1997 when I suggested Opera Omnibus should have a website and mocked up an example of what it could look like. Then I set up the first Opera Omnibus ISP account to provide web space and an e-mail address, created a first draft of the website (some key design elements of which are still in use) and then handed the whole thing over to the company to manage as it wished.

Then I quickly bowed out again until February 2006, when once again I took over upkeep of the website (until April 2010).

(I have occasionally helped some of my Op Om friends with their personal computers!)