It seemed a good idea to make available to everybody on this website some of my writings first written for SEMantics (see below) or elsewhere, revising some articles for the new context, as seems appropriate. Here is what is available so far either
as web pages or
as PDF files (for viewing with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Articles are grouped by theme. What separates all these from the other sections of my site? Well, all of this section is about my ideas and opinions whereas, apart from the "miscellaneous" section which contains stuff derived from other sources, the rest is more or less factual stuff about me. The whole website, after all, is mainly the egocentric outpourings of a perhaps over-loquacious, all-round prolix mind. Well, if I am talking to you, you might be too polite to say "shut up"; but at least you don't have to be here reading this if you don't want to.

Themes with their own pages