Failures at the bank

These happened one day in July 2018 so I complained via the website and a lady from the bank phoned on a Saturday afternoon. I told her they showed an ISO 9000 compliance failure in the bank management.

For now, I will just tell you about one series of failures, all of which I spotted in the online system of a bank which I use. In the last few days I found three quality system failures in their software development processes; they failed to test sufficiently to notice, and correct before releasing for use by customers, these gross and confusing failures of compliance to standards of presentation and usability:

Email address format/presentation

As Wikipedia says, “an email address such as is made up of a local-part, an @ symbol, then a case-insensitive domain. Although the standard requires the local part to be case-sensitive, it also urges that receiving hosts deliver messages in a case-independent fashion.” However it is almost universal that the domain be lowercase: for example, the address of Wikipedia is and not EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG !

However, I was recently logged on to my bank’s website seeing to my affairs, and a page displayed my email address; or at least, it purported to do so. If my address had been the above, what this bank website page would have displayed is JOHN.SMITH@EXAMPLE.COM which is totally unacceptable and a failure of the bank’s system testing and quality assurance system (ISO 9000).  

Bank branch sort code

This is six digits, such as 123456, but always displayed in three pairs with hyphens, thus: 12-34-56 .

When I set up a payment to a provider, a summary page had the two sort codes, one with hyphens and the other not. Again, a total system testing and quality assurance failure.

Duplicate email messages from the bank

The bank puts messages to the customer in a list on the website for viewing when logged in, and I received two email messages from the bank date-stamped less than two minutes apart, a day after one such, telling me to log in and read it.