About what3words

I learnt about this app from a BBC news website story dated 15 August 2019.

I feel strongly that, nowadays, everybody who goes out and about on their own (or in small groups) at all should know about what3words and have it installed on their mobile phone.

The app (application program in software that runs on mobile phones) is based on a system for identifying locations that cover every single place on the planet, land or sea, in units which are squares of size 10 feet or 3 metres.

As you will see from the Wikipedia article, there are 57 trillion such squares on the surface of planet Earth.

The inventors of the location system have devised a way in which every single one of the squares is given
an identifying name made up of 3 words.

If you ever get lost, or have a fall and get injured, or are attacked or abducted, provided you can get a mobile phone signal and call for help, you can identify the exact location where you are — to within 3 metres — so that the rescue services can find you, anywhere on the planet.

Rather than having to try to describe where you are from your surroundings, or read out complex numerical coordinates of any form, you simply have to shout out over the phone to the rescue services three words which you are given by this application program, and the rescuers will know exactly where you are.

Also, if there is any problem with the words you are trying to give the rescuers, perhaps due to bad phone reception, if you can walk a few steps so that you can move into a new 3 metre (10 foot) square, the app will give you a new set of three words, completely different from those for the previous square, which may help the rescuers identify exactly where you are.

Obviously, the system can also be used for everyday needs:

and so on.