Windows 10 speech input failures

I am using Windows 10 on my main PC used for writing emails and web pages and (if I can keep going) my autobiography.

Because of my illness (see Health) I have tried to use speech input and did the starting thing of speaking given sentences to teach it to recognize my voice.

Even after that it got so much wrong. Here I give some results I copied and pasted before deleting to try again.

I said: The software typed (in successive attempts):
in a science journal in the areas I have some journal
caveat campaign to
observed on sale after
also the to
help served
of service to
zoologists so while she is us
down to see all ages
the black swan the third point some on
black holes black can walls
physicists the easiest six
the physicist
visited for the city
of Leeds utd V
needed to do need
needed to eat
visited me
of the EC takes me
police detective me
visited the
with Ariana we have only an hour
with the hourly an hour
my or might even
my mask my last
My master
my mask on mine mass and
four birthday cards before the De France
the or both De danse
sleeved SE listing
of which one half the one
failures and they use
Les use
lady your last
by the software virus software
typing disliking
Despite being
voice dictation noise dictation
I am amazed Half P3 then a mais tout
thoroughness the far as
fellow has
the foreign minister
from old masters
thorough father
one off
through room
to discuss Tombe med. ist DAS
to distrust
my new bathroom My aim numerous
my new bathroom
very warm Many more
Then he wore
Mary Warren<
very Their legal
dot (.) I got to
door at
about About Worten
I need to write about this. It need to write about this Docteur