The farcical American presidential election campaign in autumn 2016

The phenomenon of a recent Secretary of State, which in America means the one for Foreign Affairs in British terms, who is also the allegedly betrayed wife of a former president impeached (though then aquitted) for sexual misconduct with a female junior in the White House, running as the Democratic party candidate to be the first female President of the USA, against as the Republican party candidate a millionaire real estate tycoon with no background in politics, but with an alleged history of evasion of federal income taxes, who reportedly tweets attacks on fat women who were former beauty queens, in the small hours of the morning during the presidential election campaign ... well, it all makes the American political scene even more bizarre in its own way than even it has ever been before. All I intend to try to mention are a few funny items I came across in the first weeks of October 2016.

Bill Maher on magazine covers that support Donald Trump

From Real Time With Bill Maher ... Oct 1st, 2016

Perhaps, however, the really telling image about Donald Trump’s candidature this year is the following from 18 years earlier when it is reported that he said what he really thinks about his potential supporters:

Latest at 9th October 2016: Real Time With Bill Maher “OverTime” October 8, 2016