Politics and current events

Some people write to the papers, or phone radio stations. In my time I have written letters to newspapers and MPs, and phoned or written emails to Any Answers; but I won't be writing a blog. I shall write my considered views of any topic that gets me aerated. I reckon this is better than ablog, of which there are millions (and who reads them?) because it isn't automatically (and by definition) ephemeral; what I think, I can modify, but when I write it isn't the main thing (a blog is a web log which is ipso facto a diary, each item attached to the day it is written and instantly old) so it will be more economical.

General principles

Monarchy Pros and cons
The morality of war The authority of Government, terrorism, and all that.
The USA A survey of pros and cons of the United States of America.

Specific events

Iraq 2003 ... no, it wasn't illegal!
The Kurds For an independent Kurdistan
USA president 2016 The farcical American presidential election campaign in autumn 2016