Science & philosophy

I started writing pieces about topics in science for SEMantics (the Mensa newsletter) and because actual science reports are so numerous and widely available, my own personal philosophical view of certain topics became the main focus of those pieces. Some seem worth preserving, and are reproduced here.

Science history

From Big Bang to us in 30 chapters
A review of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything
Physics brief history A brief summary of the history of physics

Empiricism and epistemology

How scientific empiricism works How to judge what is true, and what view to take of reality
Proposition evaluation Assessing the probability of truth of propositions
Conspiracy theories Discussing how to judge what is true, and what view to take of reality, in the context of conspiracy theorists like the flat earth societies

Developmental psychology

Baby Talk discussing vital work in recent decades on how babies learn
My World View: Love
My view of love

Philosophy & religion

My World View: Overview
To the learned, my Weltanschauung
My World View: Religion
Where I stand on religion
Where does religion come from?
It is an evolved behaviour, like males fighting over females
The followers of a mad, bad science fiction writer
The semantics of belief
a discussion of the meanings of the terms (religious) belief and atheism, and the correct intellectual stance for the scientific method. There are links from this to some of the following which in turn are interlinked.
God and Santa Claus
On the emotional attachment to comforting fictions that make empricist scepticism so difficult for most people.
Can we disillusion them?
Can we hope to replace religion with reason?
Numerical evaluation of beliefs
A mathematical approach to clarification of the process of evaluating propositions, in order to clarify the difference between religious belief and how good scientists entertain hypotheses and theories.
The major religions united
A look at Dr Robert Beckford's work unifying Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, not to mention Mithraism and the worship of Osiris.