The breeding of “pedigree” dogs

I cannot understand why people deliberately breed animals like dogs selectively towards ever uglier results. All dogs started out as wolves. Although I don't personally like dogs, and would never keep one or live with anybody else who did, I don't dislike dogs per se. Dogs often like me; I remember visiting one afternoon my elderly, widowed (and now long since dead herself) neighbour Mrs Presnail, whose young dog (she said) missed her late husband. The dog came and sat before me with its head resting on my knee for hours, gazing at me while Mrs P. and I talked. However I cannot see the slightest point in bulldogs of any variety, pug dogs, or any of a bewildering array of hideous breeds with ugly, nasty, rumpled faces, often large bulbous eyes — or small, vicious looking eyes — nor can I see the point of bringing about the birth of tiny little dogs, whether their fur is so short as to be almost non-existent or so long as to continually obscure their eye so they can't see, or on their faces trail in their food, or on their feet and tails trail in every puddle and bring it indoors. Ugh. Horrible, all of them.